David Manuel

Cell: 250-864-0777Office: 250-717-5000[email protected]

Having come from a business background and successfully sold the last operation in late 2008, just as the world was melting down David was naturally drawn to the commercial real estate and business broker world. It was during 2009 our family moved to Kelowna. The career path moved into project consulting and project finance as well as a number of years in the commercial equipment leasing industry. Many new contacts were made and new skills acquired, allowing for and building upon business and community interests and commercial math interests. All of which relationships were at the heart of any deals done.

The commercial real estate and business broker world excited me and in 2014 it was back to university.Licensed as a commercial realtor in 2015 education continued using various platforms including Business Broker Institute. This education continues today as new technologies and strategies change the course we are on. We do live in a most interesting world.

Diligence, integrity, accountability and deliverables are all pillars to which I live by.

Each scenario requires confidentiality, (in many cases extreme confidentiality) including client documents, financial information, and proprietary property. It is for this reason we have systems to ensure complete compliance. We can discuss at the onset of your commercial property and/or business transaction to identify the level(s) of confidentiality. At this point the tailor made marketing plan for your specific needs would be implemented.

Feel free to reach out and discuss your needs, goals, and timelines. I am at your service. 



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